Sunday, October 9, 2011

Buy now Balochi Dresses Pashk with very low prices.

It is nonprofit, dedicated to all Balochies people. Great People Great Culture. you can see the Balochi traditional dresses, Embroidered by computerized embroidery machines. Good looking, Low prices, Easy to buy, Easy to sew.
It is really nonprofit We take only 100% manufacturer cost no hidden or extra charhes. We can supply you with very low price. You can too earn. but you have to conform that you will help us to promote Balochi people, will not take extra profit. help them to make their life better. We all Muslims are brothers, all women are our sisters, mothers. We like to see them with a happy life. We do not like to make any burden on Balochi people so we start this program. If you need help then kindly leave comments or send us message. We will help you out.
Our new Pictures of Balochi dresses Pashk are dedicated to all Balochi people.
Love them all.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Balochi Dress

My Dear all Baloch . Its only in yours love . I am Embroidery Digitizer , Fashion Designer , and so many works i do . I fell Lucky that i am doing some work for the Balochi Culture . I have study many cultures . All the cultures are nice but its unique . Every one loves it very much . I am not do this for Advertising or Publicity . I also do not do some thing for my sale . I have already very good and nice earning source . Its only for my Balochi Brothers , Sisters , Mothers . These Designs are free in the love of Baloch Community . Now you can get all my new Design here . These Designs are not much costly in price we sell them in Pakistan for only 10.28 US dollar . These Balochi Pashks are same cutting as shown in the pictures . We use Black Cloth for Balochi Pashks . Accusaly i have no much time for Social Media so i am making very simple blogs .
If you have any Question about these Designs please let me know to solt it for you . You can send me emails to ask any question about it . My email is
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It is very simple Balochi Pashk . You can do Hand Work in it but not lot of Hand work . We like to make it different and unique . Balochi Pashk is not too much Costly . Well stitched can make it more and more unique Balochi Pashk . I designed it on 3rd august . This Balochi Pashk is very nice after embroidery on Computerized Embroidery . When we make it we use many beads , Stone , Cora in it . It has much nice looking interface of Design .

In this Balochi Pashk We like to interduce new look in it . We decided to make holes in Balochi Pashk with the SOLDING IRON . The will be in E-Stitch in the borders . E-Stitch is with the Border Lace looks like empty Boxes . In this Balochi Pashk we use much beads , Cora , Glass cuts in the Border Lace . You can see in the Balochi Pashk we left many place

In this Balochi Pashk tried to use mirror only . Its Geometrical Balochi Pashk Design . We us the E-Stitches on Satin . In the boxes there are two size of mirrors 13mm and 11mm . Unique and beautiful Balochi Pashk Culture . I fell lucky that i am doing some work for Balochi Dresses .